When furnishing a cosmetics store, you need to keep in mind both the aesthetic and functional qualities of the arranged space. The interior of the premises should encourage repeat visits, and the layout of the shelves should make it easy to find the products you need. What kind of furniture will be best for a cosmetics store? What to pay attention to when planning their purchase and setup?


What kind of furniture is needed in a store that sells cosmetics?

A good choice for a drugstore or perfume shop are metal racks with a mirror. They allow customers to see how they look in a particular shade of lipstick or foundation. The mentioned type of equipment is best suited for displaying makeup products.

Shelving racks and free-standing gondolas are other practical furniture for a cosmetics store. They will accommodate bottles, jars, boxes, bars of soap and other products on offer. You can conveniently display different brands of products on them and divide them into different price shelves.

A cosmetics store will also need store counters, bar furniture and display tables. The latter allow you to pay attention to promotions or products for impulse purchases. An elegant setting for perfume flacons, on the other hand, will be glass display cases.


Furniture for a cosmetics store – what to pay attention to when choosing it?

Drugstore furniture should be able to withstand a lot of stress and be made of durable, aesthetically pleasing materials such as metal, wood or glass. It is advisable that they have a minimalist design and subdued colors that do not distract from the cosmetics sold, usually packaged in multicolored jars and tubes. The size and type of equipment should be adapted to the square footage of the premises and the type of assortment.

It is good if the furniture for a cosmetics store has a variety of shelf depths. The shallower ones are best for displaying small products, while the deeper ones will accommodate goods of larger size and weight. A practical addition to the store equipment, acting as an easily accessible storage for cosmetics, will be drawers mounted in the pedestals of furniture.


How to set up furniture in a cosmetics store?

Furniture in a cosmetics store should be arranged so that customers have the best possible access to products and room to move freely between shelves. The shelves can be mounted against the walls, or they can be used to designate themed alleys.

When selecting furniture for a cosmetics store, it is worthwhile to be guided by the aesthetics, durability and functionality of the various pieces of equipment. Shelving, display cases, display tables and other equipment should present the assortment in a way that encourages purchase, make it easy to find the products you need and contribute to an atmosphere of calm and harmony in the premises.


Are you looking for furniture for your beauty store?

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