A modern vegetable store is not only the highest quality goods from reliable local suppliers or friendly, advising staff, but above all, the appropriate decor that pleases the eye and encourages repeat visits. Proper arrangement is especially important in an era when the trend of ordering groceries with door-to-door delivery is growing in popularity. Shopkeepers must make the greatest efforts to attract customers and win over the competition. Find out how the right vegetable store furniture can help you achieve the desired effect.

Furniture for a vegetable store – what raw materials will be the best?

When thinking about store equipment, we must not forget about our customers, their needs, preferences and tastes. Who comes to your vegetable shop? Fresh moms concerned about the health of their kids? Young people who are concerned about the fate of the planet and are trying to incorporate eco-friendly habits into their daily lives? Seniors who care about the true taste of seasonal vegetables and fruits?

All of these customers have one thing in common – they are conscious consumers, looking for high quality and honesty. Therefore, when deciding on furniture for a vegetable store, we should bet on a high-quality arrangement, made of natural, environmentally friendly materials, such as:

  • tempered glass,
  • natural wood,

These materials, with their austere form, will not overwhelm the goods on display, and in addition, they are resistant to rotting processes, mold or moisture that can be produced by the fruits or vegetables being sold.

Furniture for vegetable store according to plan

We already know what the furniture for a vegetable store should look like, but how best to set it up so that it promotes shopping and encourages frequent visits? It all depends on the square footage of the premises. In small rooms it is worth betting on a loop layout, which determines the path from the entrance to the checkout and allows you to develop every corner from floor to ceiling.

On the other hand, if you have more space, you can opt for a row layout (however, it is worthwhile to set low rows of vegetable store furniture, which can be easily reached by a person of average height without the help of a ladder or store attendant) or a plan with unlimited traffic flow, allowing for more arrangement craziness.

Do you want to order furniture for your vegetable store? Bet on Vonart

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