Urban jungle, or the fashion for potted plants, had already begun in earnest before the pandemic broke out. A time of isolation and a compulsion to spend leisure time within one’s own four walls has made Poles even more eager to indulge in homemade pastimes such as plant care.

Due to the trend in question, new garden stores and florists have opened up like rain. Find out how to make your establishment stand out from the competition and why you should bet on display tables.

Decorate a flower shop – display tables, hanging racks and showcases

In such a highly competitive industry as gardening has recently become – in order to attract customers to your premises, we must bet on an attractive, original arrangement. Display tables allow you to uniquely present the goods offered and encourage visitors to buy.

It is a good idea to place display tables in the central part of the store or right next to the checkout module, so that they catch the eyes of visitors from the entrance. It is good practice to place products of different sizes and heights next to each other, which will create an interesting composition and take care of the correct display of plants of different sizes.

It may happen that a plant in your flower shop becomes sick or you notice pests on its leaves. Throwing away an insect infested flower is one way to deal with the problem.

However, it is much more economical, and much more rewarding for the florist involved, to isolate the diseased plant from the rest and apply a preparation tailored to the situation.

Therefore, in addition to display tables, it is worth investing in lockable display cases that will help separate infected plants from healthy specimens. To make the most of the premises’ space, it is also worth opting for overhead shelving and shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling.

Display tables – how to choose the right model?

In order for display tables to do their job well, which is to highlight your offerings in the best possible way, you should invest in quality furniture. When choosing the right product, it is worth paying attention to such features as:

  • the material of the table – durable raw materials include. Metal, wood or tempered glass,
  • adjustable feet,
  • load-bearing capacity – the display table must be able to bear the load and not bend under the goods,
  • additional shelves and compartments to store plant accessories, such as bags of soil, perlite, expanded clay or nutrients.

Display tables from Vonart – a product you can trust

Looking for display tables that meet the above requirements? Reach for furniture from Vonart. We guarantee not only the highest quality products, but also the creation of a design tailored to the style of your flower shop or the efficient installation of finished shelves and racks in the premises. Check out our past realizations and order your dream arrangement items to bolster sales in your garden store.