In many stores, the question of furnishings depends mainly on the decisions of their owners. As long as the equipment meets technical, sanitary and health and safety requirements, it can consist of various elements. However, the situation is somewhat different when it comes to arranging a pharmacy. What specific pharmacy furniture should be chosen is largely determined by regulations. Fortunately, this does not mean that the pharmacy owner must have the premises decorated in the same way as the competition!

In addition to the mandatory furnishings, you can also opt for additional equipment. The entire set of furniture should be sturdy and designed to facilitate the work of pharmacists. It is best if its appearance also encourages shopping.

Furniture for pharmacies and legal requirements

All pharmacy premises must have pharmacy furniture, as listed in the Ordinance of the Minister of Health of September 30, 2002. On the detailed requirements to be met by the premises of a pharmacy. It is in this document that describes what should be mandatory equipment for pharmacies. It shows that a general pharmacy must include such items as:

  • dispensing table with drawers for assortment-separated medicinal products and medical devices – this furniture can be shielded, so that people who are not pharmacy staff will not have access to it,
  • Expedition cabinets – must be closed to a height of at least 60 cm from the floor,
  • Lockable storage cabinets or racks and easily washable platforms,
  • cabinets or cassettes for narcotics and psychotropic substances – they must be secured in accordance with separate regulations,
  • refrigerator or refrigeration cabinet equipped with a temperature measuring device – it should be designed specifically for storing medicines,
  • Recipe counter – must be covered with easily washable, chemical-resistant plastic,
  • table covered with easily washable, chemical-resistant plastic,
  • thermometers and hygrometers – must be placed in every room where medicinal products are stored or prepared and medical devices are stored,
  • multi-range scales (their parameters are determined by separate regulations),
  • an apparatus for obtaining purified water with a properly protected receiver – this applies when the pharmacy produces purified water,
  • Glassware used for the preparation of prescription drugs,
  • Properly labeled receptacles and utensils for the preparation of prescription drugs – the receptacles and utensils for agents in the very potent group must be separated.

Above are listed the basic elements that make up pharmacy equipment – many of which are furniture. In fact, the list could be even longer if homeopathic medicines are made in the pharmacy. Additional equipment will also be needed in the hospital pharmacy.

Not all of the points on the list are set up in locations visible to customers, nevertheless, many of them are located in the part of the pharmacy that visitors can see. Therefore, they should look aesthetically pleasing and relate to the brand image with their appearance, such as through color schemes.

Order first, or what else should be in the pharmacy?

You do not have to limit the number of furniture to what is described in the regulation. It’s a good idea to add a few items to this kit, which will allow you to quickly find the medicines you need and bring order. This is possible, among other things. thanks to cabinets with adjustable drawer drug storage systems. Their use will speed up the work of pharmacists and improve customer service. Reducing the time it takes to serve it will definitely translate into more interest in your pharmacy.

Impact of furniture equipment on sales growth

What other pharmacy furniture might be necessary? In order to favorably display the assortment and encourage customers to reach for products of specific brands, it is advisable to place them on wall-mounted shelves and self-service gondolas. Remember that customers are more likely to reach for medicines that are at their eye level – you can take advantage of this when designing your interior layout and setting up your merchandise. The layout of the gondolas will also play an important role in building the customer’s purchase path. Their setup determines how many products a customer will see on his or her way to the checkout, and how many of them he or she ultimately decides to purchase.

In addition, every pharmacy should have a checkout counter, such as one made of metal or wood, and pharmacy displays. With Vonart, all these pieces of furniture can be made to measure, in such a way as to best fit the premises and make the best use of its space. Pharmacy furniture can also be branded by us and covered with the color that best fits the brand and the pharmacy interior. This will make the whole arrangement look favorable, and the premises will encourage visitors. This will definitely increase sales results!