The best purchases are those that are thoughtful. However, tempting promotions, small sweets or beverages, and products labeled last items act like a magnet, and the shopping list or a predetermined budget do not matter. Such impulse action by customers should be kept in mind when arranging a retail space. So where should advertising stands stand to properly display impulse goods?

Advertising stands – what to display and how to display it?

Impulse products are those goods that customers buy spontaneously. More often than not, such a pattern of action stems from a strong, momentary need to buy something that the customer seems to need or worth buying at the moment, because he recognizes that there is a bargain. Therefore, advertising stands must display goods that are inexpensive, such as clothing accessories, candy, office supplies. They should also include merchandise bearing , among other things, the inscriptions promotion, sale, discount -50%, last pieces, last chance, etc.

Given the system of effect on the customer of impulsive products, advertising stands displaying such products should stand in prominent places. Here are some places to place such merchandise displays:

  • Close to the checkout – waiting in line promotes impulsive buying decisions. Low is usually placed products that can tempt children. In the higher parts of the checkout stand, you can place information, for example, about the offer of the day. On the checkout counter, above it and slightly below it, for example, there may be sweet snacks, cosmetics, promotional items, or products in small packages.
  • On the way to the fitting room or in its close vicinity – this applies, of course, to clothing stores. Advertising stands located in this area can contain, for example, accessories such as trouser belts, jewelry, handbags, hats, eyeglasses, etc. The customer, while waiting in line at the fitting room, is sure to be eager to see the goods and perhaps on the spur of the moment choose an accessory for the garment he is about to go try on.
  • Close to the entrance of the store – in case the advertising stands display attractive goods such as novelties, frequently purchased products or discounted goods, it is worth marking them visibly and placing them as close as possible to the entrance. They should be visible to passersby – through a door or display window. Such displays attract customers and make them visit the store even though they didn’t plan it.

When setting up advertising stands in a store, be sure to make the signage visible to the customer so that the consumer will quickly become interested in the goods displayed there. You also need to pay attention to convenience – swivel stands should not stand too close to each other so that you can move them freely. What’s more, it’s worth remembering to keep the proper distances between racks, shelves and other store displays. This is of great importance, as the customer is eager to return to a store where they were comfortable while shopping.

Advertising stands – types

Vonart offers custom-made advertising stands . This gives you the opportunity to choose not only the size, but also other parameters such as color important when creating an unusual commercial arrangement. We use unusual materials and offer unique color schemes, what’s more, our designers are well versed in creating store furniture and will be happy to suggest which advertising stand to choose. Among other things, our offer includes advertising stands for:

  • CD,
  • DVD,
  • shoes,
  • glasses,
  • food products,
  • cosmetics,
  • advertising materials.

Our store furniture meets the necessary standards and is durable. If you are thinking of designing an original store, take advantage in the possibility of making furniture tailored to your vision. A coherent and interesting composition in the interior also attracts customers and makes the store memorable to them. Store decor is the business card of a company, so it is worth betting on a refined design.