Stores at gas stations must cater to the diverse needs of customers. So although they are small, they often offer a wide assortment. This means that the key in arranging them is to make optimal use of the space, assuming that there will be a lot of merchandise and that some products will change according to the season. How to choose furniture for gas stations so that they can meet the challenges they face?

Furniture for gas stations presents a diverse range

You never know what the driver and passengers whose route passes by a gas station will be in the mood for. Besides, it may happen that something breaks down in the vehicle and spare parts or specialized preparations are needed. For this reason, the store at the station should carry all sorts of products – from groceries to newspapers, magazines and maps, as well as oil and other goods needed to keep the car running smoothly. How to fit them all in a store with a relatively small space and still present them in such a way that the display looks attractive and the customer does not have the impression of clutter? It is best to use dedicated gas station furniture, such as:

  • press racks,
  • CD and DVD racks,
  • racks for small sweets or tablets, which are part of the checkout module,
  • Lockable display cases for valuable products,
  • industry shelving (e.g., for tools).

Fuel station equipment dedicated to specific product categories will ensure that each commodity, depending on its type, can be displayed in a way that best showcases its advantages. In addition, this solution will make it easier for customers to reach for particular goods – for example. It’s easier to pull a newspaper from a dedicated rack than from a stack on a display table.

Category markings on furniture

It is still worth thinking about marking the furniture with information on what kind of products are displayed on it , such as drinks or snacks. This will make it possible to see from afar what is in the different parts of the store, making it much easier for customers to navigate the premises.

Much of the assortment changes according to the seasons

Stores operating at gas stations, by virtue of the fact that they offer, among other things. preparations, tools and car parts, must make their offerings highly dependent on the seasons. Drivers’ needs will be different in winter than in summer. Assortments that are in particular demand during a given period should, therefore, be highlighted – this way customers will easily find what they are looking for and the chances of selling more of the seasonal assortment will increase. For this reason, it is worth placing it on display tables or in display cases with illuminated shelves. This type of gas station furniture will make it easy to spot.

Fuel station equipment adapted to the current range

Seasonal changes in display mean that after a few months, products of a different size have to be placed on the same shelves. Then it is worthwhile to use a solution that will allow you to match the equipment of the filling station to the size of the goods that are currently on display. This is made possible by shelving units with perforated structural posts that allow changing the height of shelves and even their depth. With their help, you can customize your gas station furniture in such a way that it can accommodate the largest possible assortment of goods and at the same time allow for a favorable display of goods.

Durability – a key criterion when choosing gas station furniture

Some of the items that make up the standard assortment of stores at gas stations are relatively heavy. Such goods may include. Radiator fluid canisters. Furniture for a gas station should be sturdy enough to be easily maintained. That’s why it’s worth checking how much load each piece of furniture equipment can bear.

At Vonart, we guarantee only robust gas station equipment that can easily withstand heavier loads. If you need a set of furniture, consisting of, among other things. Of the checkout module, shelving of various types, gondolas, display cases and display tables – contact us! We will be happy to make a set of furniture tailored to your requirements.