Store furniture are designed to properly display the goods, and thus encourage a potential customer to buy the product. Many store owners, especially at the beginning of their journey, are looking to save money, often choosing to buy used furniture. This is not a good solution, because bookcases from different manufacturers can not only look unsightly, but will also be non-functional. Check out what to look for when choosing store furniture.

Store furniture – reliable manufacturer

A consistent design is extremely important in any retail or service establishment. Therefore, it is worthwhile, when choosing store furniture, ask for advice from specialists. For 30 years, the Vonart brand has been producing unique, elegant and durable furniture that will work well in both grocery and clothing stores. Our designers will be happy to help you plan the arrangement of shelves, store gondolas, and propose convenient and practical solutions to facilitate the work of staff and cashiers, as well as provide comfort to your customers.

Ideal store furniture, or how to furnish a grocery store

A very important aspect in any store – not just grocery stores – is space. Even if the premises at your disposal have a small area, store furniture you need to set up so that customers can move freely around it. The display of goods is also important. The products you care most about selling should be at the customer’s eye level. Snacks and other small items, on the other hand, are worth placing right next to the store checkout.

What to pay attention to when designing and decorating a grocery store?

The distribution of goods is very important, but it is also worth considering the style of the entire premises. Fresh herbs in wooden or metal bucket-like pots will look beautiful on appropriately sized shelves or racks. Colorful vegetables and fruits properly displayed, for example, on an island placed in the central part of the store, will look appetizing and customers will be eager to reach for juicy apples or tasty bananas.

On top of that, fragrant bread lying in wicker baskets on the bakery racks will make visitors to your store not only impressed by the quality of the products, but also by the appearance of the premises. High aesthetics, proper merchandise presentation, assortment from reliable suppliers, and professional and friendly service are the keys to the success of your business.

A wide range of shelving and gondolas from Vonart, as well as the ability to prepare store furniture made to measure makes it possible for you to furnish your grocery store at the highest level. Our specialists will be happy to tell you what solution will be practical and functional, and you can decide on the design, color scheme, as well as the materials used in the production of your furniture.