Looking for an original solution for your company’s signboard? Do you want durability, high quality workmanship and an original design?

The ideal idea would be laser cutting in metal According to your design. Metal billboards are not only extremely durable, but will also attract the attention of your customers. However, the use of such metal components is much broader. They are also great as decorative details next to furniture adding character and unique style.

Laser cutting in metal – top quality equipment

High-quality cutting equipment is needed to make the cut metal parts well-made and aesthetically pleasing. Vonart brand has its own machinery, so it can offer its customers precise cutting of metal parts into any shape. Our specialists will advise, suggest and also design for you a unique signboard or decorative element of your house or apartment.

What characterizes laser cutting in metal?

To provide high-end laser cutting, a quality cutting and engraving machine is required. Such equipment should be characterized by high power, as well as repeatability. For this, expert operation of the machine and confident guidance of the laser beam are key. At Vonart, we use the Esis laser 3015 from the Japanese company Amad. In addition, it should be remembered that good laser cutting in metal is characterized by:

– Careful execution and filling of the edges of the cut surface (the edges should be clean and smooth),

– slight deformation of the cut material,

– The formation of only small irregularities on the surface of the separation,

– a small amount of heat released and therefore the process is relatively safe.

Laser cutting in metal – available materials

At Vonart, we offer a very wide range of materials that we can laser cut. They can be used as decorative elements for cabinets, bookcases, tables, and also as free-hanging signs or plaques. Laser-cut lettering is perfect for attaching to the facade of a house, for example, as a street name and building number. The maximum size of use in which we can make a cut is 150 by 300 cm. We engrave and cut, among other things, in:

– Black steel up to 2.5 centimeters thick,

– Galvanized or galvanized steel up to 3 millimeters thick,

– Stainless and acid-resistant steel up to 12 millimeters thick,

– Aluminum to a thickness of 8 millimeters,

– copper up to 4 millimeters,

– brass up to 5 millimeters.


If you want to learn more about laser cutting in metal, you are welcome to contact us.