Stores offering fruits and vegetables are not relics of the past – on the contrary, in recent years they have become increasingly important points on the map of every neighborhood. Proper interior design and aesthetic store furniture will help transform an inconspicuous vegetable shop into a recognizable and respected brand. Find out how to design a fruit and vegetable store to increase sales while maintaining the functionality of the equipment.

What is a modern fruit and vegetable store?

First and foremost, a modern vegetable store should be well stocked. Environmental awareness is growing – more and more customers are interested in where food comes from and under what conditions it was grown. It is therefore worthwhile to reach for supplies from local suppliers who place importance on sustainable cultivation. Also be sure to include exotic fruits and vegetables such as avocado or pak choy, as well as new vegetables.

Another important point is proper lighting, in which our assortment will look natural and appetizing. Proper display is also important, customers like to find products of one type lying next to each other, for example, exotic fruits, Italian vegetables or different types of apples. Solid store furniture, in which we place edible plants, will help ensure a consistent aesthetic.

The plan of the vegetable shop, a store furniture

There are three basic layouts of shelving and equipment, and it is worth considering the advantages of each before choosing the right type for your own fruit and vegetable store:

  1. Row layout – facilitates stocking and allows optimal use of store furniture, it is most often used in the planning of drugstores of grocery stores, toy stores, discount stores and bookstores,
  2. Loop layout – determines the path a customer will take from the entrance to the checkout. It is perfect for small spaces, so it is commonly used in the design of kiosks, gas station stores or small grocery stores,
  3. Layout with unlimited traffic flow – allows creative use of space. It will work well in large spaces of clothing stores, shoe stores or drugstores.

Ideal store furniture For a vegetable shop, that is, what kind?

Store furniture In a modern vegetable garden should be made of wood and metal. Wood goes well with eco-friendly values and presents natural products well. Metal, on the other hand, provides the durability and stability needed to properly display heavy goods. It may happen that a fruit or vegetable from the bottom of the rack gets squashed, creating unsightly stains -. store furniture They must be easy to clean. It is also worth remembering that when designing an author’s store, we do not have to decide on shelves from the “mass market”. Choosing customized equipment will create a unique, atmospheric composition that will attract customers.

Store furniture – manufactureryou can trust

Manufacturer of store furniture Vonart creates shelving according to customer needs. We design from scratch, as well as adapt existing furniture systems. We fulfill orders in any quantity, so if you want to retrofit an existing store – you can opt for individual items. Properly selected store furniture to the vegetable shop will make customers shop in comfort, and this will certainly translate positively into turnover. Contact us – our specialists will be happy to advise what solution will be best for your space.