Are you planning to open a service establishment and wondering how to prepare your store equipment? Find out what rules to follow when arranging a space. A properly designed facility and a well arranged assortment attracts customers and increases sales. Learn three simple steps to how to plan your store equipment.


1. store fixtures – design space and zoning

The first point in the plan
How to prepare store equipment?
should be to create a design adapted to the possibilities of the premises.

Determine the zoning of the store, design the space for checkout, display and shelving. If you are outfitting a clothing store, find a place for changing rooms. Depending on the nature of the industry, design the arrangement of furniture and the width of alleys. When planning the store’s equipment, determine the distribution of the assortment.

Think about the placement of goods – place necessities or products at promotional prices at the entrance of the store to attract customers.

Design the store’s lighting according to the established furniture layout and aisle sequence. If you have problems with the exact design, rely on the help of professionals.


2. choose sturdy store furniture

Once you’ve determined the initial plan for the store, choose the store furniture. It is worth using reliable furniture companies that will prepare customized furniture, tailored to your needs. Then you are guaranteed high quality, as well as matching the layout of the room.

Together with the contractor, you can develop a detailed design of the store and order furniture in any size and layout. This will allow you to perfectly utilize any space and fill the entire store with goods. With customized furniture, you gain additional sales space.

When choosing store furniture, invest in a variety of shelves, racks, counters or display cases. Depending on the assortment offered, some of the goods may be in glass cabinets. Also, don’t forget about the sales area.

If your store relies on traditional service at the cash register, order a suitable sales counter. It should be wide enough so that you can comfortably put the goods out on it and pay. Under the counter there must be several drawers (necessarily lockable) and deep shelves.


3. make sure you have eye-catching accessories

The final step in how to prepare store equipment is to choose the right accessories. Put up some plants, hang an eye-catching picture on the wall, for example, with a colorful graphic or an intriguing inscription. Plan space for shopping carts or baskets. Highlight your most important products and sales hits on your storefront. Set up additional racks with small assortments at the cash registers.


Need help setting up your store?

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store equipment
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