Functional, custom-designed furniture are extremely practical designs that will also effectively attract the attention of your customers. Our specialists offer modern furniture systems that are perfect for both smaller and more spacious premises. Not sure how to sweep a room for furniture? Read what to keep in mind when planning the layout of your store equipment.

Measuring a room for furniture – the most important rules

Before choosing store furniture, an essential action is to draw up a detailed plan of the premises, which will help specialists to select the best solutions for your premises.

1.Walls and openings

Measuring a room for furniture is best started by taking overview photos of walls, openings and protruding elements. The next step is to roughly map out the store’s layout, marking the walls and window and door recesses on paper.

Wondering how to measure a room for furniture in a fast and reliable way? It is worth remembering that when drawing up a plan of the premises, both the length and width of the floor, walls and its openings should be marked. You can use a tape measure or a special rangefinder to determine distances using a laser beam.

2. additional elements

Measuring the premises before buying

store equipment

, you should also mark on the plan all protruding elements, such as electrical contacts, feet, posts, connections and window sills. You must indicate their exact location by determining the length, width and height at which they are located.

3. wall angles

Adequate marking of the dilation of wall angles is one of the necessary data that should be included in the room plan. The most convenient way to check the correctness of angles is to use a digital protractor.

Measurements can also be made with the help of a tape measure – then you need to mark two points at a distance of 80 and 60 centimeters from the corner of the wall, and then measure the length of the resulting diagonal. If its distance is 100 centimeters, you can consider that the resulting angle is 90 degrees.

Why opt for custom-designed furniture?

Personalization of furniture brings a number of advantages. Deciding on custom-designed furnishings, you are assured that they will fit perfectly into the layout of your room, positively affecting the aesthetics of the entire premises. Equally important, our specialists tailor the project to the budget available to the client.

It is worth noting that we work with a variety of materials of the highest quality. Don’t know,

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in order to attract the attention of your customers from far away? At Vonart, we offer structures that can be made, among other things. Of steel, wood, aluminum or brass. Our furniture is aesthetically pleasing, durable and fully functional.

Are you looking for stylish furniture that will be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your premises? Bet on personalized furniture systems from Vonart

Bookcases, shelves, tables or desks – our brand’s offer includes modular constructions with a stylish, minimalist design. Are you planning to refresh the arrangement of your store, but don’t know how to go about it? Contact our experts, who will answer in detail all your questions about both the measurement of the room for furniture and the implementation of the entire order process.