Store shelving - base structures

Vonart has been producing furniture, store equipment and store shelving continuously since 1990. Over the years our products have been appreciated by many companies in Poland and Europe. Our offer includes a dozen or so furniture standards dedicated to specific industries. Our offer includes services of designing new systems or adjusting new solutions to the existing furniture systems.

Perforated posts - rack leg

The rack legs are characterised by different types of perforation for different rack systems. The legs are made of perforated steel profiles with different cross-sections or formed of steel sheets. We supply legs in various depths and heights. We offer free-standing, double-sided and wall-mounted legs. The legs of the shop shelves are made of high quality steel in large and small series. All legs are powder-coated and equipped with feet or wheels at the customer’s choice.

Back of shelf - perforated or full

The back of the rack determines its width. We produce back widths from 120 cm to 40 cm and tailor-made backs. We offer solid or perforated steel backrests as well as backrests made of laminated, solid or walk-wall panels.

Sheet metal perforations

Vonart offers about 45 types of standard perforations. At the customer’s request, we create new customised perforation standards for both the profiles and the back of the shelves. The basic types of perforation include square and round 10mm, offset and regular perforations. Thanks to the high quality of processing and the modern paint shop, we obtain a very high quality of varnishing of metal sheets, including the edges of the material.


The shelves are offered in widths corresponding to the available rack widths from 120 cm to 40 cm and to the depths standardly accepted in shops. We offer a wide range of shelves – from simple shelves through bucket shelves to specialist shelves, e.g. press shelves. All Vonart shelves are manufactured in the process of forming steel sheets. Our shelves are reinforced, so they are characterized by exceptional quality and resistance to the weight of stocking.

Specialty accessories - shelves and hangers

Vonart offers specialized shelves and perforation hangers dedicated to its shop shelving systems. In addition to a wide range of ready-made solutions, we offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing individual solutions, tailored to the needs related to the exposure of a given product.

Store shelving - a gallery of ready-to-use applications for our system solutions