Store furniture – how to choose store equipment ?

Store furniture – racks and structures that allow the display and storage of goods within commercial interiors. This definition of the issue identifies two basic functions that the furniture selected for your store should perform. The following article treats the topic a little more broadly and will allow you to expertly assess the range of furniture and store equipment available on the market.

What types of store furniture exist ?

The basic division of store furniture, from the point of view of the manufacturer of such solutions is based on the type of business conducted by the ordering party. Retail chains operating multiple locations under the same brand mostly opt for system solutions, while proprietary concepts expect customized, non-standard solutions.

System store furniture

A store furniture system is nothing more than a set of elements, such as shelves, gondolas, checkout modules, shelves and hangers, compatible with each other. Compatibility of elements consists in any arrangement of individual furniture components within a given system. Such a solution has many practical advantages such as :

  • structured catalog of elements
  • Easy and clear ordering and fulfillment process
  • the ability to flip furniture items between different network locations
  • The possibility of any arrangement of space within the store

Downsides of using system solutions may include:

  • logistical minima
  • low flexibility of suppliers
  • difficulties in arranging undersized premises

Customized system furniture – Vonart offer

Vonart enterprise offers system furniture created according to the needs of the customer. We create from scratch and adapt existing furniture systems.

  • we realize orders in any quantities, including single pieces
  • we are characterized by high flexibility and openness to changes and modifications of systems
  • we offer within the systems shelving and resultant furniture, allowing the arrangement of premises with unusual layouts and dimensions

Customized store furniture

Vonart is the owner of the Icon Concept Design brand, which specializes in designing and providing comprehensive solutions for commercial interiors. Icon Concept’s offerings include:

At Icon Concept, we focus on design – creating furniture that is beautiful and functional, with the highest quality workmanship.

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