Shopfitting is a term derived from the English language, which has already become a permanent part of the Polish vocabulary of those involved in stationary sales. Shopfitting is, in a nutshell, a method of of arranging a store, Which affect the customer’s perception of a particular brand. At shopfitting consists of many elements, including the way it is furnished. Check out what you should know about this topic.

Like shopfitting affects branding and sales?

Tailored, ergonomic and practical store arrangement, regardless of its size, is an extremely important aspect. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still underestimate the opportunities provided by the shopfitting. Owners spend large sums of money on campaigns on the Internet or in print media, meanwhile, experts are increasingly talking about how much sales power an individualized interior concept of a store has. According to them, every detail and the smallest detail is of great importance. Therefore store arrangement, should be treated as a basic and integral part of the company’s marketing.

What to pay attention to when designing the interior of a store?

When choosing store furniture, first of all, the merchandise you want to display on the shelves is very important. The store’s assortment, whether it is clothing, groceries or alcohol, must be attractively displayed, and the customer should have trouble-free access to it. The store should be divided into zones.

In the case of a clothing stand, it’s fairly obvious: separate a section with women’s clothing, another with clothing for men, and one for children. However, when designing the interior of a wine store, shopfitting becomes more challenging. It’s worth considering whether the customers you want to reach care more about price or more about the quality of the liquor. The usual division between cheap-expensive and red-white may not work for people who want to choose from wines from a specific region of France or who are looking for specific grape varietals.

Store arrangement

Precise and well-thought-out furnishing of the store, setting up the furniture, the counter, the cashier’s station, and providing a comfortable shopping experience for the customer is a big part of the success of the business. On top of that, the quality of the furniture’s workmanship and appearance cannot be forgotten.

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If you want to arrange your store or electronics stand according to the principles of shopfitting, be sure to check out the offer of the Vonart brand. Our specialists will be happy to help you design functional, practical and exceptionally beautiful furniture for your interior.