For whom is our furniture dedicated ?

We dedicate our furniture to retail chains specializing in stationery sales. We work with retail chains conducting intensive investment projects – they conduct from a dozen to dozens of openings / renovations per year.

Compatibility with the system

We know that it is important for our customers to Compatibility of new furniture with old furniture that already has – They want the furniture in the new stores to be compatible with the elements of the system already in place, e.g. shelves or pendants from the old stores are to match the furniture in the new ones, so we specialize in customized production. This means that we are able to match the dimensions and specifications of our products and deliver them with a guarantee of compatibility with the customer’s system.

How does the process work?

We start the cooperation process with a short consultation with our representative. During such a conversation, we check together whether there is potential for cooperation between our companies. In the case of retail chains, we prepare a quote for the furniture catalog based on the furniture book provided by the client. The next stage is prototypes of selected furniture, which we evaluate together. Once the prototypes are approved, it moves on to the realization of the test rooms.

  1. Consultation
  2. Concept
  3. Pricing
  4. Prototypes
  5. Test implementation

Key benefits

PVC displays and organizers

We know how important it is in this industry to display stationery safely and conveniently in a well-organized manner, so we offer a wide range of dedicated organizers that are compatible with the shelf and hanging system. Organizers made of Plexiglass or PVC allow for effective and impressive display of pens, crayons, markers and other elongated items.

Design Consultancy

We see that companies in the electronics market do not always have experience in furniture design. They know what effect they want, but they don’t know how to achieve it. Our designers advise on the optimal technical solutions. This means that we are able to take a customer’s idea and bring it to a state that allows us to produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

Materials consulting

In projects, architects recommend materials based on their partnership agreements with manufacturers and do not take into account the cost of furniture production. Our designers advise on the best material in terms of cost, availability, substitutes, in such a way as to maintain the desired visual effect while reducing production costs.


Customers in the consumer electronics retail industry cited the translation of technical drawings of a new product into its real appearance as a difficulty. The design department, based on your data, prepares a free visualization, which illustrates how the project will look in practice. At this stage, in addition to the aesthetic value and illustration of the concept, we have a chance to correct any corrections in the design. This avoids costly mistakes and preserves the work schedule.

Dedicated Project Manager

We know from our clients’ experience that the process of efficient communication is crucial. Therefore, for our clients, we offer a dedicated PM responsible for handling all inquiries. PM is always available atone phone number and coordinates all stages from design, through, implementation, transportation, and installation. All information regarding the ongoing monitoring of the works flows down to the PM and it is his responsibility to Monitoring corrective actions and tasks of teams without involving your time and your employees. In carrying out complex projects, we see that they require clients to coordinate multiple companies, so with us each project has an assigned person responsible for that project. Each client has 1 contact person available at one direct phone number who knows everything about project implementation.

Coordination of work

The implementation of furniture projects for the consumer electronics industry shows that cooperation with several subcontractors is very difficult to coordinate and time-consuming. We have the right technology, materials, design expertise and subcontractors to complete the entire project in-house without the need for you to contact multiple subcontractors. This streamlines communication and execution.

Experience working in shopping malls

Lack of knowledge what rules prevail in shopping malls causes complications at the least expected moments, for example, just before the opening. We know what laws govern the works carried out there. Specific requirements for renovation/assembly works, such as advisories, night works, deliveries, fire regulations, etc., make proper coordination essential for the safety of the project. This reduces unpredictable situations and relieves the client of time-consuming formalities, which translates into The implementation of investments according to schedule.

Our realizations of stationery stores

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