Furniture for grocery stores by Vonart

Vonart’s grocery store furniture includes a range of checkout modules for small and large stores with a wide assortment of products, display tables dedicated to specific products, metal and wooden shelving, and store gondolas characterized by high load resistance. Our furniture is designed for the design of professional and functional food and convenience stores. Vonart’s grocery store furniture is designed for intuitive use by store employees and customers of self-service neighborhood stores and supermarkets.

Design in grocery stores matters

Knowing how important, nowadays, is the design and arrangement of a store, including a grocery store, we target our customers with tailor-made solutions and systems to increase brand identity. In addition, we strive to ensure that the stores we arrange are characterized by optimal use of the advertising space available on the shelves and store equipment. In addition to the quality of the advertising finish, we are also mindful of the colors of the furniture and complementary equipment. Matching patterns and color palette create a cohesive interior, make the customer remember the interior and create strong brand associations.

Vonart grocery store furniture

Store shelves, gondolas and checkout modules, thanks to perforated structural posts, can be freely configured with different sizes and depths of shelves and hangers, which allows for optimal arrangement of the point of sale. A wide assortment of PVC accessories further facilitates the display of selected products such as pens, crayons, paper or novelties. The modularity of grocery store furniture systems facilitates simple and easy assembly without the use of any tools. This allows for easy modification of displays, rearrangement of stocking, installation of seasonal displays and promotions.

Among the items included in the grocery store offerings are :

  • wall-mounted high racks
  • low wall shelving
  • custom built shelving
  • freestanding low racks
  • freestanding tall bookcases
  • store gondolas
  • checkout counters
  • grocery counters
  • made-to-measure buildings
  • Personalized branding and communication solutions
  • tailored signage solutions


All grocery store and market furniture within one system is fully compatible with all accessories and shelves. The perforated posts and backs of the racks allow you to adjust the height of the shelves, as well as their number and distribution on the rack. The system allows for the maximum best presentation of the most important commodity groups, such as groceries, household chemicals, fruits and vegetables, and ancillary items such as beverages or az food. The variety of assortment of accessories and elements of shelving construction, such as perforated elements, panels, mirrors, wooden elements, illuminated coffers, gives many opportunities to create individual unique decor that fits perfectly into the design and recognition of the brand.