Checkout counters

We manufacture custom-made furniture for checkout counters and reception desks. The designs of checkout counters include carrying out electrics and installing equipment like UPS. At checkout counters of various industries, we use specific solutions such as clip bins, hangers, and document drop-ins. We produce furniture based on furniture boards and MDF. We offer production of fronts and countertops made of conglomerates (Corian, Hanex, etc.), steel and solid wood.

Checkout counters and checkout areas

Customer meeting place

The encounter between the customer and the staff at the checkout counter has a fundamental impact on the evaluation of the buying experience. The checkout counter is where this meeting occurs. The ergonomically designed checkout and packing area will increase revenue through faster handling. At Vonart, we design checkout areas according to the latest trends in the industry and taking into account the specifics of the industry.

100% Polish production

Our company consistently relies on in-house production at a plant located in Wroclaw. All of our subcontractors are also Polish entrepreneurs. Our company does not outsource production overseas, so it does not run the risk of disrupted supply chains.

project support

Clients in your industry do not always have experience in furniture design. They know what effect they want, but they don't know how to achieve it. Our designers advise on optimal technical solutions. This means that we are able to take a customer's idea and bring it to a state that allows us to produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

Coordination of work

Implementation of projects in your industry shows that cooperation with several subcontractors is very difficult to coordinate and time-consuming. We have the right technology, materials, design expertise and subcontractors to complete the entire project in-house without the need for you to contact multiple subcontractors. This streamlines communication and implementation.

3D visualizations

Customers in your industry cited the translation of technical drawings of a new product into its real appearance as a difficulty. The design department, based on your data, prepares a free visualization, which illustrates how the project will look in practice. At this stage, in addition to the aesthetic value and illustration of the concept, we have a chance to correct any corrections in the design. This avoids costly mistakes and preserves the work schedule.


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