It is often said that store layout and signage are “silent salesmen.” What is behind the term? The right layout of store equipment has an impact on sales efficiency. Can this ideal arrangement be achieved with system furniture such as a store gondola?

Store gondola – what is it?

The best store furniture is the one that can be matched to the retail room. A store gondola is a low free-standing shelving unit that belongs to a family of system furniture. The systemicity of this type of equipment is that the furniture can be combined in rows. In addition, they offer the possibility of arranging the layout of shelves, info frames, hangers, as well as row ends. Another advantage that the system store gondola has is that it can be finished with a perpendicular finial in the form of:

  • perforated back,
  • additional shelves,
  • spacewall panels.

The store gondola with perforated finial and spacewall combines perfectly with the displays dedicated to it, creating additional space for displaying goods. Such matching of system furniture to the shape and size of the shopping hall involves arranging the modules in such a way that they fit exactly into the niches, walls, etc., filling the available space of the store. This provides an opportunity to make efficient use of the commercial premises.

Arrangements that benefit sales

The store gondola and other system furniture offer great arrangement possibilities. A store that customers are eager to return to is not only one that is well-equipped, but also appropriately labeled and differentiated. Variety plays a huge role here, as the customer automatically evaluates the attractiveness of a store within the first few minutes of shopping. How to get his attention?

The first element is the entrance to the premises, which must be well marked. In addition, shopping carts and baskets must be in a prominent place – preferably on the right side, since most consumers are right-handed. This zone should include arrows showing the direction of movement in case one-way entry barriers are placed.

Another piece of store equipment is, of course, furniture that is distant from each other gives you the opportunity to move freely around the store. Putting up shelves alone will make the store boring and customers will get lost in it. In addition, such a maze with its monotonousness does not encourage people to look around and search for goods. A bored customer quickly wants to leave the store. The best sales results are achieved by stores that use furniture of different heights and in different forms in their arrangement. Such a composition looks thoughtful and does not bore the customer.

Store gondola and system furniture – how to diversify the space?

A variety of furniture heights in a retail space is not the only way to add variety to a retail room. With help comes system furniture such as a store gondola, which, thanks to the ability to change the location of shelves, hooks and other elements, becomes a piece of furniture tailored to the goods on display.

How to match furniture with merchandise to increase sales results? Here are some examples:

  • Adjust the height of the furniture according to the target group, for example, display children’s toys on shelves that toddlers can reach to look at them,
  • Place goods that are at an attractive price (a promotion to attract customers), for example, on a medium-height island, preferably in two places: close to the entrance to encourage the customer to look into the store, and behind half the hall so that the customer has to walk most of the store to reach it. Label them with a large informational sign “promotion” or “sale.” Many stores also choose to place such an island at the end of the store, but this only makes sense for small stores – customers don’t like to walk around too much,
  • for displaying popular goods that people buy most often, e.g. bread, toilet paper, use ordinary shelves or store gondolas – every consumer will buy them anyway.


For displaying an assortment that you want to see sell quickly (it makes your store stand out in some way or you just have a good income from these transactions) use other forms. System furniture gives you the opportunity to create a store gondola, shelf or bookcase with unusual dimensions, layout and shape. This is the kind of display that will attract customers, because it breaks the boring order and catches the eye.

When arranging a store, think first of all about the goals you want to achieve. If you have a commodity that sets you apart from the competition, display it in an attractive way. To do this, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of system furniture.

Store gondola – where to buy?

Store furniture must be constructed in such a way that goods can be conveniently arranged on it. In addition, they must meet safety standards, for example, withstand the load. Another important aspect is the convenience of using them for shopping. So they must be made by professionals who know how such furniture should be made. It is worth knowing, for example, that the distance between shelves must be large enough for the customer to freely reach for the goods and choose the piece that interests him.

The finish is also of great importance for store equipment. For example, a store gondola must have smooth corners so that customers or store employees do not injure themselves when taking goods. This is one of the many reasons why you should buy store furniture from professionals who will make furniture for you according to its purpose and fit it to your store.